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Family Mediator

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Yes, you can in Florida get a well thought out divorce without attorneys.

Truly, a Complete Divorce by Mediation. Why do divorcing couples come to me to mediate their divorce when they can for a pittance buy the forms from the Court clerk and fill them out themselves. It could be because they have a sticky issue to work through. Or because they don't have the training and experience of a former Board Certified Marital and Family lawyer to guide them to a settlement agreement that  covers all the bases.  

As a divorce attorney for over 30 years in Orlando, I have handled divorce cases involving issues that divorcing couples took to court - custody disputes - alimony fights - division of businesses and retirement funds - what to do with the marital home - bank accounts, cars, pets, and household contents. As a family mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, during the past 20 years, I've mediated over 2000 divorce cases and have learned that a complete divorce by mediation is a much better and less expensive way for divorcing couples to end their marriage.  

Not only is a divorce by mediation much less expensive for the divorcing couple, it is quicker, private, and confidential, with no fee retainers required. The mediator fee is spread over the mediation sessions. MasterCard and Visa are accepted. The divorcing couple and I work out the marital settlement agreement and other legal papers needed to obtain a divorce in court without attorneys. My fees will be quoted in a free telephone consultation that I give each husband and wife in each case.

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